Nicole C. Shaw a.k.a NicciCatrice, Communication and Networking Consultant, launched her very first one day communication and networking workshop, The Social Improviser, formerly Nicole Shaw's Connection Workshop, April 30, 2016. 

The Social Improviser, bridges the gap between communication and networking. 

In this workshop attendees are provided with techniques and information used by Nicole to help aid in the improvement of becoming a more effective communicator while in a networking enviornment.

Nicole is a Washington, D.C. native and a self-professed F.A.B (Fashionista, Actress (or Artist), and Blogger). She received her BA in Communication from Trinity Washington University, 2013. 

In May, 2016 she completed the W.I.T. (Washington Improv Theater) program. 

Nicole can be seen acting in local and national television shows, commercials, and a student film. Some of her work includes: Money One Federal Credit Union (commercial), Who The Bleep Did I Marry (t.v. show), and Veep (t.v. show). To see more of Nicole's work click here.  

Nicole took what she has learned from college, improv classes, acting, as well as attending events and created a communication and networking workshop that incorporates improv games.

This is a very active and involved workshop that gets everyone moving and talking therefore wear appropriate clothing.

The Social Improviser was created for anyone who needs help with communicating and networking at social events and/or in everyday life. You'll learn how to socialize and network effectively while having fun and making new friends. This is a workshop you don't want to miss!

One Rule:
This is a fun, non-judgmental, and supportive workshop. Any and everyone who attends must be respectful and kind to one another.

Thanks For Stopping By!

-The Social Improviser